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Custom Cases from Quantum Scientific Inc.

Along with our rackmount case technologies, Quantum Scientific Inc. offers a wide variety of custom aluminum shipping, transit and computer cases.

Designed and manufactured with the same attention to detail, we can provide you with a custom case solution to fit vitually any shipping needs you may have. From commercial applications to military equipment and workstation applications, our award winning approach to functional custom case design is a radical departure from current industry standards.

To receive additional information on the custom cases below, please visit the corresponding link.

Shipping Cases : With literally thousands of diverse applications and field proven designs on file, we catalogue our custom shipping case designs based on the contents. Every shipping case is designed to work for it's particular application, and every application is different. Contact us for additional information concerning our shipping case technologies at 1-800-268-6000 (toll free) , or visit www.shipping-case.com

Transit Cases : If your objective is to protect equipment appearance and enhance overall portability, our transit case series is the ideal solution to your custom case needs. Rigidized aluminum transit cases are lightweight, strong and durable, making them a perfect choice for trade shows, sales demos and sample cases. For more information on our line of transit cases, please call 1-800-268-6000 (toll free) or visit www.cyber-case.com/transit-cases.htm

Laptop Cases : Whether shipping or transporting one laptop computer or a number of laptops, we can design a specific protective packaging solution for your application. When shipping thousands of dollars worth of equipment, you can have peace of mind knowing your laptop and computer equipment is safe in a Cyber-Case. More information? Contact a custom design specialist at 1-800-268-6000 (toll free) or visit www.cyber-case.com/laptop-case.htm

Panel Mount Cases : Designed specifically for field service applications, where customized equipment is needed. Aluminum or plastic panels are incorporated into the design of this custom case to act as a equipment enclosure. Many options such as muffin fans and quick disconnects are available. If you are interested in more information concerning panel mount cases, you can speak with a custom design specialist at 1-800-268-6000 (toll free) or visit www.cyber-case.com/panelmount-case.htm

Military Cases : All of our military cases comply with US MIL-STD 810F, 4150-J and Federal STD-101, the standard critera for any military application. Strong enough to pass all loose cargo, free fall drop, rainfall, fungus and immersion tests, yet still incredibly lightweight, durable and portable. For immediate military case assisstance, contact 1-800-268-6000 (toll free) or for more information visit www.cyber-case.com/military-case.htm

For inquiries regarding our GSA Schedule, or to discuss a rackmount shipping case design for your specific case requirements, please call our main facility (Toll Free) at 1-800-268-6000 between 09:00h and 17:00h EST, or simply email our technical design team.

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