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Rackmount Cases

With literally thousands of hardware components to choose from, what is the best solution for your rackmount case requirement?

Whenever practical, our design preference is recessed case hardware, plain and simple. Streamlined appearance, ergonomic handling, less prone to damage... case components designed for heavy traffic.

To better serve the information requirements of our Internet clients, we have catalogued hundreds of our most popular case components in a browser compatible file format similar to the sample shown.

To view our online hardware catalog, please visit www.cyber-case.com/case-hardware-catalog

As North Americas leading manufacturer of custom rigidized aluminum rackmount cases for commercial and military applications, we at Quantum Scientific Inc. hope you will find this site informative and helpful in defining your specific case requirements.

For inquiries regarding our GSA Schedule, or to discuss a rackmount shipping case design for your specific case requirements, please call our main facility (Toll Free) at 1-800-268-6000 between 09:00h and 17:00h EST, email our technical design team, or simply complete the Rackmount Case form found on this web site.

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